Nordic Walking for fun

rsz_phill2In our final article for Mental Health Awareness Week, we visit a newer but fast growing activity - Nordic Walking. Here, instructor Phill tells why he thinks it's such a fun therapy...
There are many reports which show clearly that physical activity is a great benefit to both physical and mental well-being.
However this begs the question what kind of activity? Gyms don't suit everyone by any means and they can be costly. 
Running is a great exercise but, once again, not to everyone's taste. Walking is highly recommended by the vast majority of medical opinion but it does have its limitations. This is where Nordic Walking comes in. 
rsz_nordic_walkingInvented more than 50 years ago this simulates cross-country skiing and uses specially designed poles but not skis. It turns ordinary walking into a whole body exercise. 
It can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, even individuals with mild to moderate mobility issues. 
It consists essentially of walking with specially designed poles. In Derbyshire we have been trialing Nordic Walking with various groups including individuals with numerous different types of mental health issue. It's been a great success, it is fun and cheap.
Future plans include orienteering for fun (but in a simplified form to suit anyone), nature trekking in various parts of the County and the establishment of local Nordic Walking clubs which will be designed especially for individuals with mobility or mental health issues. 
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