CST blog copyWorkplace wellbeing doesn’t just have to be concentrated around the time someone is in work. Providing opportunities for people to be an active part of their community outside work can help boost morale too.

Toyota supports Hazel boost jog group identity 

Toyota Manufacturing UK has a charitable trust which contributes to a variety of local community causes. Employees can apply for money to support out of work volunteer work within their community.

Hazel Clint has worked for Toyota for 23 years. She leads Jog Derbyshire group Melbourne Joggers. She applied for money from the trust to buy new kit for the group to give them an identity and improve safety.

She said: “I’m really proud to work for Toyota. It puts its money where its mouths is and leads continuous improvement in the 

t-shirt CST blog copycommunity by supporting employees in their volunteering work.

“The money our group received has allowed us to buy t-shirts so we now have a group identity. It was amazing to be able to give them out. it was nice to be able to provide a running top which meant there was no worries about asking members for more money.

“We’ve also bought head torches and light up arm bands to improve safety in the group. Although we stick to pavements in the winter we’ve had a couple of people fall in the past which can knock your confidence.”

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