CST in 2017

Happy New Year!

As we all make resolutions and plans for the coming year, CST is looking ahead and dreaming big for 2017. Here, we outline our ambitions for the next 12 months as we pursue our purpose of developing vibrant, active communities. 


1. New Faces

On 9th January we welcome Jennie Derbyshire to the team. Jennie will be leading on Marketing and PR, crafting and sharing local stories about how exercise and regular activity leads to personal and community growth and improved health and wellbeing. Jennie comes armed with experience from roles in YHA, learn direct and Big Issue. We can't wait for her to start!


2. Fresh Feel

It's time for a face lift! We're in the warm and capable hands of Fifteen Design to help us develop our persona!


3. Reaching New Parts

Building on relationships with trusted friends and colleagues in the North East of England, we're looking for opportunities to build active communities in the West End of Newcastle. 


4. Coaching Networks

Nancy Klein's books 'Time to Think' and 'More Time to Think' continue to influence and shape the way we work and grow. We will actively seek to develop thriving coaching networks throughout the business and residential communities with which we work. 


5. Commercial Opportunities

As a Community Interest Company, our income is derived largely from grants and contracts for services. We are excited to be exploring partnerships with like-minded companies to develop a commercial arm to our work which will enable us to invest further in the communities we serve and create stronger foundations for our future growth.


6. Keeping in Touch

In the final stages of our flagship Village Games programme, we bid farewell to several colleagues who have become our great friends over the last 6 years. Together we have learnt and achieved a lot across Derbyshire and we hope to retain those connections as we move forward to our next phase. 


7. Appetite for Learning

Our work with The Leadership Centre over recent months has fuelled our appetite for learning. We will build on this work, collaborating with others to learn and understand more about behaviour change and social movements so that we can better support local people to lead in their communities.


8. Purposeful Partnerships

Simon Sinek's principle of 'Together is Better' lies at the heart of our work. We look forward to getting things done with our valued partners in Public Health, CCGs, Local Authorities, and the private and voluntary sectors as well as creating new alliances where opportunity arises. 


9. New Technology

We're proud to be partnering with ActivInsights to trial their accelerometer in community settings. This new technology will provide evidence based lifestyle reports to inform changes required for better health and wellbeing. 


10. Places

We're focusing on a place based approach to improving health and well being. Connecting with the Place Alliance, we will share our learning and contribute to this important work. 


We look forward to sharing this endeavour with you. Happy New Year and very warm wishes for 2017.