The inspiration of people

In her third and final blog Beth talks about the people within CST and the wider community who've inspired her in this role and for her future career....

Small web imageThe emotional investment of this role requires a back-up team of people who can offer a listening ear and an insightful piece of experience. The Community Sports Trust team provides this in abundance. Each team meeting serves as an injection of creativity, inspiration and motivation to achieve. The combination of personalities, skills and life experience among colleagues means that no one has quite the same perspective; ensuring that options are created when problem solving or coming up with new ideas.

Through my job, I have come into contact with many inspiring individuals and organisations and it is where occupational therapy first caught my eye. Within a community setting, they help people who have physical or learning disabilities to complete day to day tasks which have meaning to them. Part of this may be helping someone to live independently and integrate into the place they live by taking them to local community groups. This is how I have met some of the most brilliant individuals who after some support from their occupational therapist, have thrived and continue to attend and make a valuable contribution to Village Games sessions.

small web imageThe Community Sports Trust is about empowering social cohesion among communities and I see tremendous value in that. However, I would like to learn more about ways to support those who we are currently less able to reach because they are already on the hospital wards – some of them struggling with conditions which may well have been prevented them engaging with sport and physical activity at an earlier stage in their lives.

It is with some sadness that I leave my role but I am looking forward to taking the skills and experience from this job and applying them to make a positive difference to people’s lives in a clinical setting. I wish the Community Sports Trust all the best and fully expect to read about new successes in the near future.