How to Deliver Community Sport, Sports Think Tank

25th Jun 2012

With the clock ticking down to the London 2012 opening ceremony on 27th July the focus inevitably turns to the thorny question of legacy. Is it really possible for the Games to have a lasting impact beyond the Olympic Park facilities, reaching outside London to encourage people across the UK to switch off their televisions and get active?

One small-scale, innovative, pilot project in rural Derbyshire believes it may have discovered the key with the Derbyshire Village Games. It was the brainchild of Peak District based sports development consultant Hayley Lever who teamed up with Andrea Kemp, a sports training and development specialist ( from the other end of the county to set up the not-for-profit Community Sports Trust. Their mission was simple - to cut through the red tape and help people in remote areas overcome the cost and time barriers to playing sport.

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