Monday Nights = Netball Nights in Bolsover

23rd Sep 2013

Monday nights have been taken over by netball sessions across Bolsover District!


Clowne Netball Club kicks the evening off with a Junior Girls session 5.45-6.45pm at Clowne Sports Centre for girls aged 11 and under, with players starting from as young as 6 it provides a great introduction to key thowing catching and balancing skills as well an opportunity for the girls to get involved in team sports which is a rarity in the local community.


This is followed by a Ladies Back 2 Netball session 7.30 - 8.30pm this is a fun and friendly session which provides a great opportunity to go back to basics and learn the skills needed to get back into the game no matter how many years it is since you played!


Both sessions at Clowne are £2 per person but you have the luxury of trying it out for FREE on youre first week!


If you are looking for something to a little later, after the kids have gone to bed or sorted yourself out after work, Shirebrook Leisure Centre run another Ladies Back 2 Netball sessions 9.00-10.00p, they too charge £2 per session with your first week FREE, but if you hold a membership at the centre you could be entitled to a free session every single week!!


We are now looking at the possibility of starting a session Bolsover town, if you would be interested in volunteering at this session or taking part please get in touch!


Still need convincing? Here's what people think so far....


"I'd not played for 20 years...i'd forgotten how much fun it is!"


"A workout - at your own level"


"Lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves and not taking it too seriously!"


"A guaranteed giggle"


"I haven't played for 30 years but I now look forward to Monday night netball!" 


If you would like more information on any of the sessions above please don't hesiate to contact Laura on 07909444094 or e-mail 


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