Jog Into January

14th Jan 2015

Twenty new beginner sessions to encourage people to get fitter by starting to jog are starting this week (Monday 12th January).  Qualified Jog Derbyshire Leaders are running eight week jog/ walk programmes across the county, with specially designed training plans for complete beginners.  

Jog Derbyshire Project Manager Cathy Rooney, said: “Our groups are especially set up for people who haven’t been physically active before or want to get back into jogging.  Our qualified jog leaders take you gradually through a specially designed gentle run/walk programme and they’ll stay with you at all times.  You don’t need to worry about how you look or your speed.  It’s about taking the first steps to getting fit and at the same time making new friends and having fun.” 


“We’ve helped more than 4,000 people start or return to jogging and many progress so quickly that they are running further and faster, getting fitter and starting to enter races. Jog Into January is a great way to refocus our efforts on recruiting less active people who’ve not jogged before.”




Julie Corne Jog Derbyshire Kedleston Sept13 credit Steve Ingers - 034

Jog Duffield Leader Julie Corne - one of our most experienced leaders - will be running another Jog into January beginners group on Monday evenings from 12th January.  She said: “I enjoy leading groups from a social point of view as well as fitness.  Their achievements are more satisfying than my own! When a beginner completes a first 5k or an intermediate succeeds on breaking a time barrier, it is a proud moment.”

“Pull on your trainers - however old your pair may be! Take that first step out the door. There will be no looking back, you will be on the path to a fitter, healthier, happier you!”


Lisa Singleton Jog Derbyshire web res

Beginner jogger, Lisa Singleton, who recently started jogging with Jog Duffield, said: "I’d always seen jogging as my ‘nemesis’ – something I just couldn’t do, so there was no point in trying.  I really couldn’t even jog a short distance – I’d let the bus go rather than run for it.  I could hardly be prouder to say that I can now do 5km in a session...I feel invigorated and more energetic."  


Chesterfield Jog Derbyshire group, The Spireites is also taking part in Jog into January this year. Leader, John Cannon said: “We have people from different jobs who come along to the sessions; the age gap is between 17 years up to 50 years old. The team spirit within the group in great and friendships are being formed.  I have told them from day one they should be able to jog and talk at the same time if they cannot do that they are going too fast.  I will get them fit without it being painful and without them really knowing that I am getting them fit.”


Jog-Oakwood Gaynor Bickley

Jog Oakwood Leader, Gaynor Bickley has lost five stone in two years since taking up jogging. She said: “At Jog Oakwood, the run/walk method makes jogging doable for people. I love seeing how members progress and enjoy it. It’s the social side as well.  You might have a hard day at work, not feel like getting out, but it’s the idea of meeting people, enjoying yourself, and being in the fresh air.”


Emily Wilson Jog Derbyshire Buxton

Buxton Joggers Leader Emily Wilson, who ran a Jog Into January group in 2014, said: “I love seeing the joggers achieve new goals. Going out with a group means you don't need to worry about planning when and where to go, and you have company. It's free, it's good for you and it's fun.”  


Beginner Jogger Dawn Cundy from Chinley, who has lost two stone since starting to jog in summer 2014 with High Peak Jog Leader Liz Stillo, said: “At first I was very scared.  I thought ‘I don’t want to join any clubs because everybody will be thin and they’ll all be able to run’ so I started off on my own...where I hoped nobody would see me...Then I heard about Liz and how nice she was...and I thought, ‘You know what I’ll do it!"


Dan Coleman pic web resDan Coleman from Studiozone in Heanor has lost more than three stone in weight since starting to exercise and taking up jogging. He has recently qualified as a Jog Leader and is hosting The Zone Running Club for Jog into January this year.
He said: “Five years ago I was 17 stone plus, overweight, unfit and could not even walk up and down stairs without my knees giving way now and again. With some help from [my wife] Susan, I started doing some walking, then power walking, then light jogging, then before I realised I was starting to lose weight and feeling better about myself. Within the last 2 years I have entered 5k, 10k & half marathon races and just in the year alone have seen 7 new personal best times from 9 race events.” 

Tors Runners with Ian Travers & Claire Limb
Starts Mon 12th - 6.25pm - Meet outside Crich Butchers
Jog Duffield with Julie Corne
Starts Mon 12th - 7.15 pm - £2 - Eyes Meadow, past the church, down Donald Hawley Way
Police Fitness For Running with Paul Simmons
Closed Group – for Police staff only - £2 - 
Starts Mon 12th – 5.15pm and Thurs 15th – 5.15pm - The Gym, Police HQ, Ripley 
The Zonewith Dan Coleman
Starts Wed 14th – 6pm - £1 or free to Studiozone members - Studiozone Fitness, Heanor 
West Hallam Joggers with Phil Bentley
Starts Tues 13th - 6.30pm –Free -Community Centre Car Park, Station Road, West Hallam 
Jogalicious with Stacey Sutherland
Starts Mon 12th – 8.00pm – Free –Hope Village, end of Marsh Avenue at the roundabout
Eastwood Park Jog Group with Craig Jenkinson 
Starts Thurs 15th - 7pm - Starting at Eastwood Park, meet at the park gates
Chesterfield Walk, Jog, Run with Rachel Wylde
Starts Thurs 15th - 6pm – Free -Loundsley Green Community Centre
Spireites Jog Group with John Cannon
Starts Wed 14th – 6.30pm - £1 -Community Hub, Pro-Act Stadium
Jog Eckington with Darren Ward
Starts Tuesday 13th - 6pm - Based from Eckington Swimming Pool, Gosber Street
Pink Plodders with Claire Mosson
Starts Sun 18th - 8.45 am - £1.50 (1st session free)- Chellaston Medical Centre Car Park
Trotters with Helen Purdy
Starts Thurs 15th - 5.30 pm – Free - Pride Park, Derby 
Derby Jog Fit with Russell Parkin
Starts Wed 14th - 5.15 pm - £2 - Moorways Sports Stadium, meet at the Derby AC club house 
Jog Oakwood with Gaynor Bickley
Starts Wed 14th- 7.00pm- Free - Moorways Sports Stadium, meet at the Derby AC club house
Jog4All with Nikki Reeves
Starts Wed 14th - 9.30am - £2 - Albert Village Lake, near Swadlincote, car park opposite Albert Village Primary School, Occupation Lane
Swad Joggers with Tracy & Laura Parker 
Starts Thurs 15th - 6.30pm – Free - Green Bank Leisure Centre 
Melbourne Joggers with Bernadette Dooley
Starts Tues 13th - 8.00pm - £1 - £1.50 - Picture of Health Gym, 71 Derby Road
Breathe, Balance Be Activated with Elomehyrr Smedley
Starts Tues 13th - 6.30pm- Free - Etwall Leisure Centre
ALJ Fitness Ladies Running Group with Alison Jones
Starts Thurs 15th - 2.15pm - £2 - Hilton Village Hall