Family Street Dance Sessions Seeking New Instructor

15th Jan 2015

A successful street dance project in Parwich in the Derbyshire Dales, launched by Derbyshire Village Games, is on the lookout for a new instructor to lead sessions. 

The group has proved hugely popular with both young and old, after residents pleaded for more sport and activity in the village last year.  The weekly family dance classes encourage parents and carers to get up and have a boogie with their children and relatives and attract nearly 20 participants.

Parwich resident, Katy Wayne got in touch with Derbyshire Dales Village Games Coordinator, Katy Stubbs to ask for her help in organising fun, local dance sessions for the community.

Street Dance Parwich 1Katy Stubbs said: “The sessions came about as a result of Katy contacting me asking if I could help get more activity in the village. Although Parwich has great facilities there was very little activity taking place. Following a one-off multi sports day during the summer holidays it was evident there was an interest in dance and we trialled a six week block, where it has continued from there.”

“The sessions have worked well as there is very little other activities in the village and the fact that parents and children both join in makes it the perfect opportunity for parents to do some exercise and not have to worry about child care arrangements.”

“Our instructor has done a brilliant job but sadly has to step down for personal reasons and we’re really keen to continue the classes.”

Katy Wayne attends the sessions with her two daughters, aged four and seven. She said: “I enjoy the dance events because they take place in the village and no travelling is needed – that’s a first! All ages can be involved as well, it’s very inclusive. It means family time, fun and laughter!” 

Lily Rushton is 9 and lives in Ballidon, she said: “The classes are very well organised, fun and energetic. It’s nice that different age groups of children can do dance together.” 

Street Dance Parwich 2

Jennifer Barker from Pikehall enjoys the social aspect of the group and said: “The sessions bring people together, they mean family time and learning to dance together, it’s also good to meet new people.” 

Sally Woolley attends the class with her nephew and said he looks forward to it all week. The Parwich resident explained: “It’s something new and exciting to try; learning to work together and have fun. I enjoy watching the children enjoying themselves and learning to dance myself! It’s nice to do something together and the sessions are very well organised. The children have formed a good team and the parents and carers too.” 

Katherine Hardy, who’s also from Parwich, said it’s “very important” for parents and children to do exercise together whilst having fun at the same time. 

Family time is the reason Melissa Wragg enjoys the sessions so much. The Pikehall resident goes along with daughter, Ebony and said it’s: “A must have for a little, rural village. It’s great to see the kids enjoy it and mixing with other children. It’s something you can enjoy and do as a family.” 

Parwich resident, Vicky Yeomans said: “I hope the sessions will carry on – please don’t stop them!”

Dance Classes usually take place every Wednesday 5.00—6.00pm at Parwich Memorial Hall. It’s £3.00 per person or £5 per household (which must include at least one adult).

If you’d like to find out more about becoming the instructor for the Street Dance Sessions, please contact Katy Stubbs on 01629 761 387