Running up big numbers

15th Apr 2015

Jog Derbyshire Leaders are celebrating the huge success of the Jog into January campaign, which encourages inactive residents to take the first steps towards fitness by taking up jogging.  

The Zone Heanor Jog Derbyshire Jog Into Jan Success 3Over 270 people signed up to the eight week jog/ walk programme that started on Monday 12th January - more than double the total number of participants for 2014’s campaign. 

The total number of people attending Jog Derbyshire sessions across the county each week is more than 650.  That means that to date the project has helped over 4,500 people start or return to jogging.

20 Jog Derbyshire groups hosted special beginners groups – they were: Tors Runners, Jog Duffield, Police Fitness For Running and The Zone in Amber Valley; West Hallam Joggers in Erewash; Jogalicious with Stacey Sutherland in High Peak; Eastwood Park Jog group, Chesterfield Walk Jog Run and Spireties Jog Group in Chesterfield; Jog Eckington in North East Derbyshire; Derby’s Pink Plodders, Trotters, Jog Fit and Jog Oakwood; and Jog4All, Swad Joggers, Melbourne Joggers, Breathe Balance Be Activated and ALJ Fitness Ladies Running group in South Derbyshire

Jog Derbyshire Coordinator, Jo Wharton-Howett, said: “We’re really delighted to have had such a fantastic response to the Jog into January campaign for 2015. We’d like to say a massive thank you to all our brilliant Jog Leaders who took part in the campaign and who got our new members off to the very best start.” 

“We hope all our new members have enjoyed participating in the sessions and that they continue jogging with their groups to build on what they have achieved so far and to pursue new fitness goals.”

Leader of Melbourne Joggers, Bernadette Dooley, said: “From week one, I was overwhelmed by how many people wanted to start jogging in the New Year. The room was packed with people wanting to join the Jog into January programme." 

“To everyone's credit the majority of newcomers committed to the progressive programme and completed it. There were some extremely cold and bitter nights that we trained on but credit to everyone each week they came and conquered by running that little bit further than they did the week before. 

“Now they run the same route as our intermediate group and their sense of achievement is still present today because each route challenges them - distance, speed, work or the dreaded hills!

“Their reasons for joining the group vary but they are not only proud of themselves and their achievements but their family and friends are too - even their children!  The motto for the group is 'Tough runs don't last, but tough runners do' and we're a hardy bunch!” 




Dan Coleman, Jog Leader of The Zone running club in Heanor said: “During the last few months I have noticed some significant improvements not only in running technique but fitness levels, more stamina and speed on ALL the individuals."

Zone Heanor Jog Derbyshire Jog Into Jan Success 4

“When they started some could not run for 300 yards now most are completing between two to four miles which is very rewarding knowing that they have improved whilst having fun and meeting new friends.”

Rachael Dodd, 29, is a mobile hairdresser and has a little boy aged two. She said:  “The things I’ve enjoyed most about jogging is the feeling of how far I’ve come in the past few weeks, meeting new people, having a chin wag on the way around and feeling a lot fitter. I definitely need the group to push myself further.” 

Legal PA, Joanne Bevan, 39 said: “When I started I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping. Dan was so supportive to me and the other new members and I am now running 3-4 miles regularly each week and even completed a 5 mile run recently which is something I never thought I would be able to do. I’m so pleased with the progress I’ve made so far in such a short space of time.” 

“My job can be quite stressful. I quite often don’t feel like running after work but as soon as I walk in Dan and the rest of the members are so friendly and welcoming I’m instantly pleased I’ve made the effort. I love running as part of a group we all support each other.” 

“My fitness has improved since I started running and I feel like I’ve got loads more energy to run around with my children, aged 13, 9 and 6.” 

“I would really like to take part in a 10k race which is something I hadn’t even dreamed of before I joined the running club but hopefully with the help of the club I will be able to achieve it!”

Ocean Smith, 18, said: “I joined Jog Derbyshire as it enabled me to increase my level of fitness as well as becoming healthier. Since becoming a member of Jog Derbyshire it has encouraged me to push myself further and try different challenges not only as an individual but as a team.”

“What I like most about being a member of Jog Derbyshire is that the leader Dan and everybody else in the team are so welcoming. They help to encourage people to push themselves further to achieve different challenges. Each week new targets are given to individuals and this helps encourage as well as motivate. Everyone is determined to achieve them. I would definitely recommend anybody to join.” 


Duffield Joggers - Jog into Jan Success 1 April 2015Jog Duffield leader, Julie Corne said: “It always amazes me how well the beginners progress and within weeks are jogging at least 4km! I really enjoy meeting the newbies and love it when they organise their own runs.” 
Deirdre O'Neill, 37, is mum to a 4 year old and 10 month old. She said: “With a young family and a job, getting to the gym on a regular basis was not as easy as it once was! I felt I needed to find a new way of fitting exercise around my family and work commitments. I tried running many years before but I was unable to run much more than 2k on a treadmill! I spotted a Jog Derbyshire advertisement after Christmas and thought I would give running another go but with a group this time.”
“I can only say that I have surpassed my own expectations of what I could achieve in a beginners jogging group.... within 4 weeks we were running 5k; it really was ‘chair to 5k’ and most enjoyable at the same time! Without Julie's encouragement and the support of my running buddies, I doubt I would have become a ‘5k jogger’. We have finished the beginner’s course and a group of us still run on a weekly basis... we caught the jogging bug!”

Liz Mellon, 36, is a mum to a 21 month old and said: “I have always said running is not for me and could never see me enjoying it. However 18 months after giving birth I realised the time had come for a major change in my exercise regime. My mum saw the advert in the local newsletter over Christmas, about Julie's beginners Jog Derbyshire group. Reading other people's success at going from walking to jogging, to running 5k in just a few weeks, I decided to give it a go. After the first session I was hooked.”
“The group was positive and friendly and Julie was so encouraging. I literally went from being a couch potato to being able to jog 3-4k after 4 weeks. My goal is still 5k after some winter illness has prevented me from joining the group for a while, but the running shoes are back on and I can't wait to get going again. For anyone who thinks they'll never be able to run 5k or enjoy it for that matter then this group is absolutely for you!”

Chartered physiotherapist, Dawn Narborough, 50, is mum to a 20 year old and 21 year old. She said: “I have known Julie for many years and always admired her energy and enthusiasm. Having recently turned 50 and following the excesses of Christmas, I decided to join her for ‘Jogging with Julie’ as part of the Jog Derbyshire initiative.”
“Walking my dog was my only source of regular exercise with me thinking there are never enough hours in the day for anything more active. However, having made the commitment to run with others, I enjoy the friendships made, finding we can now run and chat at the same time, also having a laugh during the warm-up and cool-down too.”
“We started with shorter distances and now have built up to 5k which is a wonderful achievement, especially with the terrain being pretty hilly where I live.”
“Looking to the future, I hope to join several organised ‘fun runs’ such as the Race for Life and may even attempt the Derby 10K one day!”

Notes to Editors:
•    The Community Sports Trust is a Derbyshire based not-for-profit company which delivers community-based sports development projects.  Our flagship initiative is the Derbyshire Village Games run in partnership with Amber Valley Borough Council, Bolsover District Council, Chesterfield Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Dales District Council, Erewash Borough Council, High Peak Borough Council, NE Derbyshire District Council, S Derbyshire District Council, Derbyshire Sport and Sport England with funding from the National Lottery.  
•    Inspired by the 2012 Olympics, this innovative project’s aim is simple - we want people of all ages and abilities in villages across the county to get active.  Our network of Village Games Coordinators and Community Sports Activators work at grassroots level delivering sport on the doorstep.  
•    We also manage Jog Derbyshire on behalf of Derbyshire Sport. Our network of jogging groups, based all over Derbyshire, can help you get fitter & be more active by starting to jog regularly.  Qualified Jog Derbyshire Leaders guide beginners & returning runners through specially designed, gentle walking & jogging programmes.  Have fun & make new friends with people of similar fitness levels. 

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