From Beginner to Derby 10k

28th Apr 2015

Derby_10K__088 Jog OakwoodAround 200 Jog Derbyshire joggers have taken part in the annual Derby 10k, with one saying: “It was the best feeling as I crossed the finish line.” 

Just under 4000 runners were under starter’s orders for the 10k race at the iPro Stadium in Derby on Sunday, March 19. The event is organised by Sporting Futures in conjunction with the University of Derby and Derby City Council.   

Jog Derbyshire Coordinator for the south of Derbyshire, Jo Wharton-Howett said: “It was wonderful to see so many Jog Derbyshire members out in force at this year’s Derby 10k. As the project continues to go from strength to strength, the large increase in our numbers was very evident on Sunday.  It was a fantastic opportunity for the Jog Derbyshire team to get to meet and chat with lots of our members; to hear about their individual fitness journeys and how for many, joining a Jog Derbyshire group has played a big part in supporting them.”  

Jog Derbyshire Coordinator for the north of the county, Michelle Simmons said: “Jog Derbyshire wouldn’t exist without our brilliant leaders and this year they’ve excelled themselves, some even putting on additional groups to work towards the Derby 10k. It is great to be a part of many people’s first experience of such an event and even better to catch up with our leaders and meet the individuals who form the groups. It was great to hear their stories and be part of their running adventure for the day.”

Derby_10K__151Jog Oakwood Leader, Teresa Borg, 50, said: “The Derby 10k was so exciting; 23 joggers from Jog Oakwood took part and for many of them it was their first 10k. I was filled with happiness, excitement and pride to see all of them finish - all with the biggest smiles and brimming with confidence at what they had achieved.”

“Anyone can do it. We have the friendliest groups of women and men of all ages and sizes – and most of them when they started were worried they wouldn't be able to do it. They have all found that with our run/ walk beginner’s approach that actually yes they can jog and they can make new friends.”

Leader of Tors Beginners/ Runners, of Crich, Ian Travers said: “It’s a great feeling to see people achieving their goals - especially the ones where people have said things like ‘I could never do a 10k’ and then to hear from them the words ‘when can we do another?’ after they cross the finish line makes me feel very proud of them, that they have become far more confident.”

“It is all about helping people find their ‘reason’ for running - and it will be different for everyone. It’s then about gentle steps, ever increasing the confidence in their ability, from jog/walk, to jog, then from 20 minutes to 30 and so on. It’s here that you can see people’s self-belief kicking in and believing that they can achieve more. Our role is then to help with the mechanics of varied training and ‘thinking the right way’ about running, supporting, encouraging, and keeping it FUN. And you can tell when folks are there - because the dark evenings, cold mornings, rain and snow don’t get in the way of getting out there!” 


Zoe Davies (2)Pinxton Plodders and Ripley Absolute Beginners jogger Zoe Davies completed the 10k in an hour and 27 minutes. The 33 year old started jogging in 2012 and has since given up a 20-a-day smoking habit, lost four stone and dropped three dress sizes. She’s taken huge inspiration from Jog Oakwood’s Facebook page and blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running (  

She said: “I loved meeting up with people I had spoken to on Facebook but never met before, who have shown so much support. When I wanted to pull out the week before they helped me gain the confidence to get out there and do it. The atmosphere was just brilliant; all the support from the crowd was genuine and really helped me along.”

“The Jog Derbyshire leaders never judge you and only support and push where needed and wanted.  On the day I had a great pep talk before the race as I stood in the Jog Derbyshire room and nearly cried with fear.  Rachel [Smith – Leader of Ripley Absolute Beginners jog group] got me out to the start line and for that I owe her the best feeling I got as I crossed the finish line.”

Cerys Fears - quoted within the releaseCerys Fears, 22, jogs with the Pink Plodders in Chellaston. She’s lost over three stone since taking up jogging and said: “I had a predicted time of 1 hour 20 minutes to complete the 10k, but I ran it in 1 hour 8 minutes and 43 seconds. I was amazed at my time! The best part was sprinting the last 250m across the finish line and knowing that I had completed the race, running the whole 10k.”

“Jog Derbyshire has really helped in keeping me going with running. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm not the world's greatest fan of running, but Jog Derbyshire keeps me coming back week after week. Running with a group such as Jog Derbyshire is a lot more fun, and easier than running on your own. Everyone supports each other and people of all abilities are welcome. 10k seems like a really far distance, but running in a group makes it go so much quicker!”

Sara Duffin (L)  Jane Travers (R) - Jane quoted within the releaseTors Beginners/ Runners member, Jane Travers (Ian’s wife) got into jogging because she didn’t want to be the mum who couldn’t keep up with her kids.  The 42 year old completed the Derby race, her first ever 10k event, in one hour and seven minutes. She said: “Crossing the finish line was the most enjoyable part of the day having achieved something I didn’t think I could do.”

“Ian has always said that the Derby 10k is a good first 10k race to do as it is flat, so I asked him if he thought that we would be able to do it and definitely yes was the response.  Ian has been great in answering all sorts of questions and being there motivating when needed, especially up hills! It has definitely helped having a goal to work towards.”





The Jog Derbyshire / Community Sports Trust team is wishing leader of Pinxton Plodders, Steve Whittle a speedy recovery after he’s been involved in an accident on his bike. 

A big thanks to Meg Kerr for taking some wonderful high-res photos of our joggers at the Derby 10k event. They are available to view and download from Flickr: - Info on who is pictured in some of the photos is also available. 

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