Generation Games comes to Derbyshire

26th May 2015

GenerationGames_logoA brand new programme spearheaded by the Community Sports Trust is set to launch across Derbyshire, to encourage older adults to become active and take part in regular exercise by getting involved in local, fun and friendly sessions. 

The Generation Games project, funded by Derbyshire County Council and part of the Active Derbyshire programme, is set to get underway in North East Derbyshire, High Peak and Amber Valley, focusing on older adults and offering support to those who wish to get up and active. 

Research has shown that for anyone who is inactive, doing just 10 minutes of exercise can have an immediate effect on reducing the likelihood of conditions such as cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression, anxiety and arthritis. 

Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death in the UK, yet only a third of people are active enough to be healthy. 

Specially trained Generation Games coordinators are set to hold consultation events with residents across High Peak, North East Derbyshire and Amber Valley to find out what they want and need, including low-impact sports, sociable clubs and enjoyable activities, before working alongside local partner agencies to establish regular classes and sessions. 

Boccia 1The team will also be on hand to offer support to those who wish to become more active, including advice on overcoming barriers to take part in exercise and activities such as cost and travel. 

Activities on offer will include, but are not tied to: walking football, Tai Chi, tea dances, Boccia, Kurling, chair based exercise, cycling, aqua fit, swimming, walking and bowls. 

Taking care of the project in High Peak is Katy Stubbs. She said: “As a result of the extensive consultation we will be carrying out over the coming months, we hope to get as many of our older residents as possible active within their local communities. In order to achieve this we intend to signpost them to existing sessions as well as creating new, exciting opportunities to cater for local demand.”
“I can’t wait to get started in the role and look forward to hearing people’s stories about which activities they used to play and enjoyed in their younger years. It would be great to think we could support them in once again enjoying an active lifestyle which in turn will not only improve their physical health but also assist with the growing problem of social isolation.” 

Chair Based Exercise 1North East Derbyshire’s Generation Games Officer, Nathan Culkin said: “I’m really excited about the project because nothing like this has ever done before in our area. We have an opportunity to create a successful project and a ‘product’ that will last beyond the initial funded period of 3 years. I believe that in doing good work now, we can help to change people’s lives for many years and have a real impact upon the health and lifestyles of local communities.”


Amanda Gowing is Amber Valley’s officer. She said: “I have for a very long time been involved with the health and wellbeing of older adults. My role is to help motivate, support and encourage older adults to get up and get active. I am excited and looking forward to providing opportunities for inactive older adults to have fun, join and create social, friendly groups in their communities.”


You can speak to your local Generation Games officer and have your say on sports and activities in your area by contacting:
•    Katy Stubbs, High Peak: or 07586 506206;
•    Nathan Culkin, North East Derbyshire: or 01246 217435;
•    Amanda Gowing, Amber Valley: or 07795024877. 



Contacts: For media contact Rebecca Cassidy on 

Photos: High-res and web-res images of current activity sessions taking place across Derbyshire including walking football, swimming, zumba, walking and yoga – and the Generation Games logo - are available to download here: 


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