INSPIRE ME - Derbyshire families urged to get out and about this summer with Xplorer

27th May 2015

Xplorer 3 Whaley BridgeWith the summer months fast approaching, families across Derbyshire may be thinking of ways to entertain the children during their school holidays whilst keeping them active and enjoying the county’s beautiful outdoor spaces and countryside too. 
Xplorer sessions are designed to get the whole family out and about, enjoying themselves and working together as a team. 

The navigational challenge activity is proving a hit with parents and children across Derbyshire.  Over the past four years the successful partnership between Derbyshire Village Games and British Orienteering has seen thousands of people attend the family-friendly events to explore, find markers and complete challenges.   

National Participation Manager at British Orienteering, Natalie Weir, said: “Imagine an activity you can do with all the family (and not just drop off the kids to a sports session and go shopping or read a book) and imagine an activity where it doesn’t matter how young, old or fit you are (as you can run, walk or jog at your own pace) and finally imagine the excitement of a scavenger hunt in the woods, or a treasure hunt in your local park. That’s us!”

 “The Xplorer provides a fantastic opportunity to gets kids up and active, introduce map reading and decision making skills and most importantly not have to go far to have lots of fun with their families in the local parks!” 

The Chief Medical Officer (Department for Health 2011) recommends 150 minutes moderate intensity activity each week for adults, at least 60 minutes each day for children (over 5) and 3 hours physical activity each day for under 5s, alongside activities to strengthen muscles.  Adults and children are encouraged to keep sedentary behaviour to an absolute minimum.  Find out more

Ruth Bentley has taken part in Xplorer sessions in Dronfield (North East Derbyshire) with her family, including children Chloe, 7, Emily, 5, and 3 year old twins, Fay and Joseph. She said: “It was lovely to see the children actively engaged in finding clues and helping the younger ones answer them, and learning along the way. The events help with spatial awareness, reading maps and team work skills as well as healthy outdoor exercise. They are fun, it's healthy and its free which is always a bonus with a large family.” 

Lyndsey Addison took her three children, Ethan, 9, Max, 8 and Edie, 4, to an Xplorer event near her home in Hollingwood, Chesterfield. The 35 year old said: “I like that it was outdoors even though the weather wasn’t very warm, and that it had two levels of ability so I could send my older child off and I could help the younger ones. The eldest enjoyed solving the clues and running around and the little ones enjoyed solving the puzzles.”

“The events help kids get active physically and mentally and get fresh air and meet new friends by mingling with kids that aren't in their current social circles. I would encourage other parents and carers to have a go at Xplorer events with their children because they will love it, it’s free and fun. The events are fantastic and well organised, and the staff are enthusiastic and clearly love what they do.”

Xplorer events are taking place throughout the year at venues across Derbyshire, including: 
Belper River Gardens 
27th May - 2-4pm
28th June- 2-4pm
5th August - 2-4pm
13th September - 2-4pm

Crossley Park, Ripley 
31st May - 2-4pm
18th July - 10-3am
19th August - 2-4pm
31st October – Halloween special - 2-4pm

Shipley Country Park 
14th June- 2-4pm
12th July - 2-4pm
19th September - 2-4pm
26th September - 2-4pm

For more information on Amber Valley events contact Beth on 

Cliffe Park, Dronfield
28th May - 1-3pm
6th August - 1-3pm
20th August - 1-3pm
3rd September - 1-3pm
29th October – Halloween special - 3-4.30pm 

Rother Valley Country Park 
29th May - 1-3pm
7th August - 1-3pm
18th August - 1-3pm
28th August - 1-3pm
30th October – Halloween special - 3-40pm
22nd December - 1-3pm 

Holmewood, North East Derbyshire 
27th May - 2-3.30pm
20th June - 12-2pm
27th July - 12-2pm
5th August - 12-2pm
13th August - 12-2pm
21st August - 12-2pm
24th August - 12-2pm 

For more information on North East Derbyshire Xplorer events contact Nathan on 

Eastwood Park, Hasland
29th May
29th July
5th August
30th October – Halloween special 

Queen's Park, Chesterfield Town Centre
26th May
11th August
26th August
3rd September
27th October – Halloween special 

For more information on Chesterfield area events contact Jo on 

Hornscroft Park, Bolsover
Sunday 28th June – Bolsover Gala – all day event – 10-4pm
Monday 27th July – 1-3pm
Thursday 30th July – 1-3pm
Monday 3rd August - 1-3pm
Saturday 8th August – Freedom Community Family Fun Day – 11.30-4pm
Monday 17th August - 1-3pm 
Thursday 20th August - 1-3pm 

For more information on Bolsover District events, contact Nicola on 

Across Derbyshire