Club Active has changed our community, say Derbyshire residents

3rd Feb 2016


“I’ve been living in this village for 30 years and I didn’t know anyone until I joined this club. Now I walk past not the hairdressers, but it’s Lisa’s hairdresser.”

So what is the club that has had such dramatic results in one local Derbyshire community?

“It’s a project that uses an inacitivty tracker to engage with residents in Borrowash,” says Community Sports Trust Physical Inactivity Officer Dawn Shillingford. “We meet up weekly, record their details, how active they’ve been each week and we work with the group to remove barriers to their participation and increase their participation in more activities throughout the week.”

It appears to be working. This is what the group, who each had their own personal story behind the importance of the club, had to say.

“We’re very aware of what we’re not doing so instead of getting in the car we’re walking more. I now go to an exercise class every week, we’re looking at trying to put on classes here so we’ve got more options and it’s just made us more aware of our health and what we weren’t doing.”
Emma, who attends the group with her mum, Sue, and who are pictured above

kelly-250x175“I suffer with fibromyalgia and I have an issue with going full head on into exercise and basically killing myself off and I needed something that was a steady increase that I could track and have the support of a group.”


“I struggle to do things because obviously I’ve got little lady here, Esme, and Dawn said I was able to bring her, which helped because I’ve been able to come every week.”
Mum, pictured centre

“We were living in Borrowash and didn’t really know anybody but now we can walk past the hairdressers and say hi to them, we can meet in the village and go for a walk, we’ve got a  closed Facebook group where we can interact between the classes, which we set up to support each other, so it’s been really good in helping support each other.”
Emma and Sue


“As a family, the girls say, ‘how many steps have you done? Come on mum you haven’t done many, dad’s done this many’.”
Lisa, local hairdresser

“I’d like to say thank you to the people who organise this, I think they’ve done a fantastic job.”
Peter, former bodybuilder


“I’ve lived in Borrowash for 30 years and for the first time I actually feel part of a community.”

For more information about Club Active contact Dawn Shillingford on or click here for more info.

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