Active 4 Life

Active 4 Life aims to create active, vibrant communities across Derbyshire by driving a radical long-term shift in attitudes and behaviours, resulting in regular exercise being considered a way of life.

The Active 4 Life team will achieve this by identifying participant communities, understanding the current reality and behaviours, and assisting with community-led planning to optimise use of local resources.

Decisions on how to increase physical activity in the local area will be taken by the community but the Active 4 Life Organisers will offer support with technical assistance, administrative capacity and dedicated time.

The community will have access to Active 4 Life resources such as Jog Derbyshire groups, and will also be encouraged to access wider district, county and national initiatives, such as Park Run, Cycle Sunday and Bike Week.

The results will be monitored by the Active 4 Life Organiser using participant registers and regular interviews and an evaluation will be undertaken by an academic partner.